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Aqua Series No. 72: Sacabambaspis
The Past Happened a Long Time Ago
Aqua Series
Card No. 72: Sacabambaspis

Extra Facts:
Full Name: Sacabambaspis janvieri
Name Meaning: "Shield from Sacabamba"
Time Period: Ordovician
Location: Bolivia
Group: Arandaspids

It was previously Qilinyu, but changed to this because there were no Ordovician fish in the game.
You can see the old card Here:
Paleo Series No. 54: Claudiosaurus
The Past Happened a Long Time Ago
Paleo Series
Card No. 54: Claudiosaurus

Extra Facts:
Full Name: Claudiosaurus germani
Name Meaning: "Claude's Lizard"
Time Period: Permian
Location: Madagascar
Group: Reptilia

This little guy was a pain in the butt-hole to draw. Mostly the feet. But I still love him.
Meso Series No. 54: Psittacosaurus
The Past Happened a Long Time Ago
Meso Series
Card No. 54: Psittacosaurus

Extra Facts:
Full Name: Psittacosaurus sp.
Name Meaning: "Parrot lizard"
Time Period: Cretaceous
Location: China, Mongolia, Russia
Group: Ceratopsians
Common Name: Dusty Reedtail

I hear this dinosaur fancies Mexican food.
It says Psittacosaurus sp. because to my knowledge the specimen that had the colors analyzed has not been assigned to a species.
Paleo Series No. B34: Notosuchus
Suggested by DeviantArtistMax

The Past Happened a Long Time Ago
Paleo Series
Card No. B34: Notosuchus

Extra Facts:
Full Name: Notosuchus terrestris
Name Meaning: "Southern crocodile"
Time Period: Cretaceous
Location: Argentina
Group: Crocodylomorpha

So we all know about the "BoarCroc", but here's a "PigCroc".
Aqua Series No. L16: Megateuthis
The Past Happened a Long Time Ago
Aqua Series
Card No. L16: Megateuthis

Extra Facts:
Full Name: Megateuthis gigantea
Name Meaning: "Giant squid"
Time Period: Jurassic
Location: Eurasia
Group: Cephalopods

One very big belemnite!
This card used to be Belemnitella, a smaller species of belemnite.
The Past Happened: Card Battle!
Game Setup:
TPH is a two-player card game only.
Both players start with a deck of their own cards, which can be arranged in any order. The only rule is that both players must have an equal amount of cards.
Decide the Life Points (LP) for both players. These should be of equal value for each player as well. LP is what determines when the game ends and which cards can be used. Every card except the Locale Cards has a star value and once used or defeated you subtract that amount of stars from your decided LP. Whoever runs out of LP first loses. Stronger cards have more stars, and vice versa, so planning a balanced deck effectively is key. Also, higher LP means a longer game, which may or may not be desired, so it's completely up to the players. For a quick game, about 20 Life Points is recommended. For a fun challenge, try a match with very few, such as only 5. Please note that the total stars amongst the cards in your deck must at least add up to your max Life Points, or else the game will not be able to end. You can have more stars in your deck. This just means you may not be able to use every single card you brought to the match.
Once the decks and ground rules have been decided, both players put their deck facedown on the playing surface and draw the first 5 cards from the top into their hand. You should never show the cards in your hand or deck to the other player. Decide who goes first, using a coin for example. If you need to, keep track of LP and individual card stats using a pen and paper.
The Playing Field:
Set up the game on a flat playing surface opposite your adversary. Each player needs:
  • A Field, a place for Fauna Cards to go once they're unleashed. Make sure there is room for three cards in each one. 
  • Room for your Deck (cards you haven't drawn yet) and your Discard Pile (cards that have already been used up).
Keep your Deck face down to the left of your Field and draw into your hand when you're ready. When a card is discarded, put it face down in another pile to the right. These cards can no longer be used until the game ends. Finally, make sure there is room in the center for a Locale Card and/or Event Card if necessary.
The Cards:
There are six main groups of cards in the TPH game.
Animal Cards- These are going to be the ones on the front lines doing the battle. You can have up to three active at once, but you need to have at least one after the first turn of battle. Unleash one and use its ability, class, and attributes to your best capability. These cards may have 1-5 stars which are subtracted when the card is discarded. "Fauna Cards" describes both Animal Cards and Assist Cards.
Item Cards- You can activate an Item Card once per individual card, and their effect activates immediately. Once you've used it, you can't use that specific card again, but you can use other copies of the same type of card. These cards may have 0-3 stars, which are subtracted upon use of the card.
Fossil Rock Cards- These can be attached/equipped to an Animal Card when it's unleashed. They provide a passive bonus to the card as long as both it and the equipped rock remain active. These cards may have 0-3 stars, which are subtracted once the Animal Card it's equipped to is discarded. When you equip a Fossil Rock to an Animal Card, put the rock underneath the Animal Card with the top sticking out so you can see which one it is. Fossil Rocks are immediately discarded if the Animal Card it's equipped to is discarded.
Event Cards- These are like Item Cards. They are one-time use consumable cards, but their effect reaches every active Fauna Card on the field. These cards may have 1-3 stars, which are subtracted upon use of the card.
Locale Cards- One Locale can be active at any given time during a game. These cards are held horizontally unlike others. Locale Cards have up to 12 animals listed on them (these are the Native Cards). They give one of eight effects (determined by the Field Class) to any of the Native Cards that are active with their matching battlefield. [Work in progress, come back soon.]
Assist Cards- Upgraded versions of Animal Cards that feature a paleontologist as well as their signature animal. The rules for them are a little stricter; you can have three in your deck and only one active at any time. You also need to sacrifice the "base" animal to use its Assist form. Most Assist Cards have blue stars, which means they don't take any Life Points when discarded. They also change up the gameplay rules, and cannot be affected by Fossil Rocks or Locales.

What is on my cards?
Card chart by ThePastHappened
Important stuff:
Series #: Not used in game, but good for collecting.
Time: Info on when this animal lived in history. Sometimes factors into certain abilities.
Life Stars: When this card is discarded, you lose an amount of Life Points equal to the amount of yellow stars. If the stars are blue, you don't lose any Life Points but they still factor into star-related abilities.
Group: What type of animal it is. There are 25 different groups. If you see a word or phrase in an ability description with [brackets] around it, that's a group.
Here is a list of all 25 groups and their explanations.
Ability: Each Fauna Card has an ability, or a kind of extra effect/power. The specifics are listed right on the card. Some abilities work better in different situations, but they are not always benificial, and they are sometimes your animal's best asset.
Class Icon: Classes are special bonuses that each card gets when fighting. There are ten different ones. Here's a rundown:
Class chart by ThePastHappened
Domain: There's three: Land, Water, and Air. These are a little more dynamic than classes and are subject to change depending on what happens in a battle. The domains interact with each other like this:
Class Chart by ThePastHappened
Land beats Water. Water beats Air. Air beats Land. You gain +20  ATK Symbol by ThePastHappened when attacking the domain you're strong against.

Now, let's get into the action!:
The game is now a turn-based duel between the two players to destroy as many of the other player's cards as possible and exhaust their Life Points while maintaining their own. On each turn, a player gets allocated 2 Action Points. Each action that can be done on a turn costs 1 Action Point to do, so you can pick two actions per turn. Here's the actions:
Unleash- Put a Fauna Card from your hand onto the field, which is where the action takes place. When you unleash an Animal Card you can equip a Fossil Rock as well for no extra points, but you can't change it afterwards unless certain conditions are met.
For Assist cards, you need to have the base Animal card active to unleash it. The base card is discarded in the process.
Attack- Initiate a battle between one of your active cards and another one. You can attack an opponent's card, or one of your own if you have a reason to. (It only costs a point to initiate the battle. The battle itself is self-contained, and anything that happens within it costs no points.)
Draw- Draw another card from your deck to your hand.
Use- Use an item or event card. Note that using something may use up Life Points depending on the card.

You can have as many cards in your hand as you can physically hold, but the field only has room for three active cards on each player's side at any given time. The turn after one card has been unleashed, you may no longer have an empty field for an entire turn. Neither player can attack on the first turn, only draw and unleash. 
On the second turn, players may begin battling cards if they choose. When a card chooses to attack, you choose a singular card to engage in battle with. Now, a battle has begun and the two cards have entered "the arena". During a battle, there is an offensive and a defensive card. The offensive card is the one who initiated the fight, and thus it can only attack. The other player's card is on the defensive, and has three options:
Attack: Both cards deal damage to each other's HP Symbol by ThePastHappened with their ATK Symbol by ThePastHappened stat, which can lead to mutual defeat.
Defend: The defender's  DEF symbol by ThePastHappened stat is subtracted from the attacker's  ATK Symbol by ThePastHappened. So an  ATK Symbol by ThePastHappened stat of 50 against a  DEF symbol by ThePastHappened stat of 40 would only cause 10 damage (if there are no external conditions in play).
Flee: Similar to Defend.  SPD Symbol by ThePastHappened is subtracted from the  ATK Symbol by ThePastHappened but afterwards the cards both leave the arena and the battle is over. If the  SPD Symbol by ThePastHappened is higher than the ATK Symbol by ThePastHappened the defender gets away unharmed and nobody takes any damage.

After the first turn of the battle, when the offensive card does their attack and the defender reacts in any way, the tables switch. The defensive becomes the offensive and vice versa. The battle ends when either card is defeated or flees.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey, thanks for stopping by here at TPH! Always remember, the past happened a long time ago!

You can find my other art page at: :icongoodolgooicide:

Creator and Artist: Me! (Brooke Console)
Co-Creator and Advisor: SargeantSatan

Currently working on:
Paleo Series
Locale Cards
Assist Cards

Participate in the watcher guessing games to unlock new cards!

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The Past Happened a Long Time Ago.
Unearth colossal ancient creatures, from Meso Series, Aqua Series, Ceno Series, and Paleo Series. Over 600 original hand-drawn cards in the entire collection, based on paleontological research! You won't find another card game as deep into prehistory as TPH is!
Collect, compete, and trade your cards with friends. Build the best deck and experiment with different styles of playing.

Buying Packs:
The Past Happened card packs are available for sale on Etsy.
Currently, Meso, Aqua, and Ceno Series are available.
$4.99 for a Starter Pack (20 cards+rules sheet), and $3.99 for a Booster Pack or Critter Pack (12 cards each). Cards are randomly selected, printed from, and packaged up nicely.



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